Terms of Service



1. General


You can register for courses, private lessons, telephone and video coaching, seminars or events via the website of the Rudelhunde Hundeschule, the app of the Rudelhunde Hundeschule, or by email. The registration is binding.


In principle, every dog ​​owner, regardless of the breed and age of the dog, can take part in the courses, private lessons, seminars or events offered by the pack dogs dog school.


Pack dogs dog school expressly reserves the right to refuse course participants or put them on the waiting list and to cancel or postpone courses, private lessons, telephone and video coaching, seminars or events in the event of insufficient registrations or unusual events (such as storms).




2. Dog's health and information requirements


All dogs must be chipped, vaccinated, dewormed and in perfect health.


The course participant is obliged to inform the course management in good time in advance of all types of pain, illnesses or behavioral problems in the dog (such as aggression against people or animals) before the start of the course, private lesson, seminar or event. The obligation to register also applies to bitches in heat. Admission of the participant to the course, private lesson, seminar or event is the sole responsibility of the course instructor. If the course participant fails to comply with this reporting obligation, the course leader can exclude the course participant from the course, private training, seminar or event in order to protect people or animals; the corresponding course, private training, seminar or event fees will not be refunded.




3. Leash obligation and behavior during training


Leash is mandatory in the parking lot, the training area and the surrounding area. Dogs may only be released on the express instruction of the course leader.


During the course, training, seminar or event, all
Always follow the instructions of the course instructor.


Smoking and telephoning during the lessons are prohibited.




4. Insurance and Disclaimer


Accident and liability insurance are the responsibility of the course participant. Pack dogs dog school expressly reserves the right to request proof of the insurance policy from the course participant.


Participation in courses, training courses, private lessons, seminars or events is entirely at the participant's own risk, responsibility and risk. The course participant is liable for all damage caused by him and / or his dog.


The course participant has to inform all accompanying persons about the existing disclaimer. The course participant and / or the accompanying person are liable for any damage caused by their companions.


Rudelhunde Hundeschule assumes no liability for personal, property or financial damage that occurs during the course through the use or execution of the exercises shown and initiated. Pack dogs dog school is also not liable for damage and / or injuries of any kind caused by the participating dogs. The liability of pack dogs dog school for injuries that may result from the free play of the dogs is also excluded.


The course participant is responsible for himself, his dog and any accompanying persons during the entire training. Pack dogs dog school is only liable for willful or grossly negligent behavior on the part of the course instructor. Any further liability on the part of pack dogs dog school, especially for slight negligence, is excluded.




5. Fees and Payment Terms


The fees for any training must always be paid in full in advance. Failure to pay the fees or late payment of the fees can lead to the exclusion of the course participant, whereby the course participant's obligation to pay for the courses or training courses they have already booked remains in effect. Bank details, prices, payment methods, etc. can be found on the website of the pack dogs dog school or can be requested from the pack dog school.




6. Absences / missed lessons / cancellation costs


Absences of the course participant, which can be planned in advance, can be communicated to pack dogs at dog school in good time. However, the subscriptions will not be extended by this time. The period of validity must be observed.


In the event of illness or an accident of the dog or dog owner (from the 2nd week a medical certificate is required), the missed lessons can be made up at a later date. The period of validity of the subscription is then extended by the period specified in the medical certificate.


Course participants can cancel their registration in writing up to 48 hours before the start of the course,
otherwise the corresponding fees are owed in full.


Telephone / video coaching and private lessons must be canceled in writing by the course participant at least 48 hours before the agreed date, otherwise the corresponding fees will be billed in full.


Seminars and events must be canceled in writing by the course participant at least 1 week before the start of the event, otherwise they will be invoiced as follows (the fees refer to the total amount of the event or seminar including any additional fees):


Cancellation 7-3 days before the start of the event / seminar: 50%

Cancellation 2 days or less before the start of the event / seminar: 100%


If the course participant breaks off the course, private lesson, telephone and video coaching, seminar or event prematurely, the fees will not be refunded.




7. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law


The contract between the course participant and the pack dogs dog school is subject to Swiss law.


The place of jurisdiction is Zurich. Mandatory places of jurisdiction are reserved.




8. Disclaimer


The contents and links available on the website of the pack dogs dog school are for information only. They do not establish a contractual relationship between the website visitor and pack dogs dog school. Any liability for any damage resulting from the use of the website or the information available on it is excluded. In particular, no liability is assumed for the topicality, completeness and correctness of the content. Liability for links to third party websites and the content of such websites is also excluded.




9. Intellectual property


All documents and documentation handed out or made available to the course participants by the pack dog school are protected by copyright. They are only intended for the students' own use.


The content and images contained on the website of Rudelhunde Hundeschule are also protected by copyright.


Any utilization, duplication, reproduction, distribution, use or reproduction of this content (course material, documentation, content and images of the website, etc.) or parts thereof is prohibited without the express prior written consent of Rudelhunde Hundeschule. The automated full or partial retrieval or display of website content using technical aids (such as web crawler / spider programs, meta search engines, framing) is also prohibited.




10. Image and video material from participants,

Companions, customers and their dogs


Packed dogs dog school asks before the course for permission to record image and video material from the participants, companions, customers and their dogs. If the approval is given orally, pack dogs dog school may use the image and video material for marketing purposes on the homepage, social media and other channels. The image rights are then with pack dogs dog school. At the request of a customer visible on the picture or video, however, pictures and video recordings will be deleted.